Exterior Lighting Concepts is a full service low-voltage landscape and architectural lighting company. We provide professional consultation, installation, and unique designs to which we utilize all different types of lighting techniques to include:


Wall washing
Waterfall lighting
Statue Lighting
Spot lighting

Annual Maintenance Program

The maintenance of low-voltage lighting systems are just as important as the design and installation. While we use only the best products available in the industry, like everything else maintenance is essential in keeping the system performing like it should. If maintained properly, these systems will last for years and years to come. We offer our maintenance program to make sure your system is operating at it's full potential. Some of the services that are included in the maintenance program are as follows:

Changing all the lightbulbs
Burying any wire that may have come up
Greasing the sockets
Cleaning all lenses
Cleaning all fixtures
Straightening any fixtures that need it
Repositioning any fixtures due to growth of plants or landscape changes
Full check-up of the transformer
Check all the voltages at the lamps

Remember, we warranty our bulbs for a period of one year. If you elect to use our annual maintenance program your bulbs will always be under warranty!

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